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Almond Milk – Brilliant For Weight Loss!

Almond milk is a plant milk manufactured from almonds with a creamy texture and nutty flavor. There may not be 100 benefits of almond milk but it certainly comes close. This type of milk contains neither cholesterol nor lactose, and is often consumed by those who are lactose-intolerant and others who wish to avoid dairy products.

There are many reasons why you should drink almond milk instead of a dairy milk, but the main one is:


1. It Is Nutritious

Although almond milk is not nearly as nutritious as cow’s milk, they frequently contain added vitamin D, calcium and protein, making them more similar to regular milk in nutritional content. Almond milk is also naturally rich in several vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin E.

2. It Is Low In Calories

Although almonds are 50% fat and high in calories, commercial almond milk is a low-calorie beverage. This means that you can drink a lot of it without having to worry about weight gain. It is also nutrient dense, providing lots of nutrients relative to its calorie content.

3. Unsweetened Almond Milk Doesn’t Raise Blood Sugar

Sugar-free almond milk is a low-carb beverage, containing only 0.6% carbs (1.5 grams) per cup. Its also high in fat and protein relative to its carb content. For this reason, it doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar levels, making it suitable for diabetics, as well as those who are on a low-carb diet.

4. Enriched Almond Milk Can Strengthen Your Bones

To make almond milk more similar to real milk, producers often enrich it with calcium. For instance, one cup of commercial almond milk may contain up to 45-50% of the RDI. In comparison, the calcium content in one cup of cow’s milk may range from 28-31% of the RDI.

5. Healthy Heart

Almond milk has only 5 mg of sodium and zero cholesterol in a normal serving. No sodium equals a healthy diet equals a healthier heart. There is also potassium which is excellent for regulating blood pressure.

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