Beauty tips from celebs

Behind every famous person is a great team of stylists, hairdressers, and make-up makers, that’s why it’s hard to guess that people like Salma Hayek, Kate Winslet or Nicole Kidman trust the home-made beauty recipes. It turns out they do it – a significant part of the actresses and models use natural ingredients in the care of their hair and skin.

We chose to tell you about the secrets of the 14 women we know from movies and photo sessions, but who do not mind using yogurt, champagne, or potatoes not only for consumption.

Behind the fresh face of Bela Hadid‘s face stands … water. Just cold water! Well, we are sure that a rich collection of extremely high-quality cosmetics, but Bella herself shared in an interview that a routine part of her routine is cold water. What he does is to splash with water or rub with his ice cube face just before applying a make-up base. It sounds … refreshing (and cold!), But the benefits of this procedure are great – cooling gives a fresh look to the skin, reduces swelling, tightens and minimizes pores and, last but not least, helps blood circulation. So many benefits, in something as simple as water is. Quickly load the ice molds!

The next cosmetic tip also comes from Hadith’s sisters, this time though from Gigi. To make her lipstick flawless, she first paid special attention to her lips, using a home-made sugar scrub. So far, nothing new, sugar scrubs are among the most famous home-made beauty recipes. More interesting is what Gigi chooses to apply, namely, a single eyelash spiral brush. The fine, dense hair on the brush spreads the sugar particles and creates the necessary slight abrasion on the lips. Recognize – we had not thought about that application of such a brush!

What Margo Robbie does for his lips is just rubbing a small drop of olive oil. The star of “I Tonya” does not approve of the fact that a lot of the sold lip balms actually contain ingredients like phenol and menthol that dehydrate more than they soften. That’s why the use of natural fat is part of its mandatory evening routine, and as to the results, she says that, since she uses olive oil, her lips are drying up much less frequently.

The American actress and model-maker Clawie Grace Moletz also does not mind her face having a faint fragrance and has left a bottle of olive oil on her dressing table. She has given a chance to the natural oil in her teenage years when she used it as an ally in the fight against stubborn acne. Olive oil has helped her, and she is witnessing her excellent skin today. The young actress continues to trust the olive oil in every imperfection that appears on her face as what she does is to make a few drops with a cotton bud in the evening and to wash her face in the morning with water. Do you still use olive oil only in the kitchen?

Cindy Crawford has chosen to emulate Cleopatra and regularly make her beauty treatments with milk. Besides the most classic milk baths, Crawford pays special attention to dairy products and care for your face. It uses honey, nutmeg and yogurt, mixed in equal quantities – one tablespoon, to make a mask that is applied to your face three times a week. The mask should stay on the skin for about 10-15 minutes and then wash with warmed milk. The secret is that lactic acid promotes the elasticity of the skin, flattens the complexion, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Thank you, Cleopatra! Thank you, Cindy!

Except for a person, celebrities have their favorite home-made recipes and for hair. Nicole Kidman, for example, while betting on the reddish hue of hер hair, maintained the color after painting with cranberry juice. Mixing freshly squeezed fruit juice with your shampoo and ready! In fact, we are not surprised, because if your hands ever had a slightly longer date with these fine fruit, you certainly know how strong pigment they can create on the skin. And on the clothes – even more horror! The actress, however, has made the most of the natural coloring property of cranberries and even says they are doing miracles.

If the red color is not yours, but you have chosen lighter shades for your hairstyle, then Kidman gives another tip – rinsing your hair with champagne. The truth is that champagne has long been used as a festive drink in the care of hair, enhancing growth, and giving it a shine.

Besides champagne, another, albeit a weak alcoholic drink, can also do miracles with hair. Yes, it’s about beer! And Catherine Zeta-Jones is a fan of this drink in the care of hair. Beer and Honey – the popular actress says this is her biggest secret for healthy and smooth hair. Hops and barley give more luster and volume, and honey nourishes and stimulates growth. How do we emulate Catherine Zeta-Jones? It’s just – warm up about 500 ml of dark beer, add 2-3 tablespoons of honey and brush your hair from the roots to the edges. After about 20 minutes, wash with shampoo as usual. Do not worry about the smell of beer; it disappears after the rinsing!

Besides the mini bar, we can also find a hair care assistant in the refrigerator! Salma Hayek, for example, replaces hair conditioner with mayonnaise. The mixture of eggs, lemon juice, and vinegar strengthens the glow and prevents the drying of hair ends. What Hayek does is to put mayonnaise on the hair, and 15 minutes later to wash the mask. It is! Simple and easy, but bordering on genius!

Do you like curry? Sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen love a lot, but we do not want to tell you that. They both decided to use one of the curry ingredients – the tooth whitening curler. Now you probably think the bright yellow spice is more likely to stain the teeth, but you’re wrong. Curcuma, in spite of its strong pigment, not only does not stain but also whiten teeth. As a bonus, we can also add antibacterial properties.

If you do not like the taste of turmeric, you can follow Sheiline Woodley’s trick and replace the toothpaste with clay. Safe, of course! Zeolite, for example, mixed with coconut water, a little cinnamon and a few drops of peppermint oil will take care of the teeth cleanly. Mint oil will soothe the gums, cinnamon has antibacterial action, coconut water refreshes, and the main character – zeolite has a whitening role. What more can we ask for a toothpaste completely natural in this …

Whether you trust only natural cosmetics, a fully professional one or you combine both … one day you are most likely to wake up with puffy eyes. Reasons – many, and if you follow the Universal Laws of Dizziness, it will be on a very special or important day.

Lauren Conrad has two solutions for swiftly dealing with swollen eyes. The first option is to keep one whole potato in the refrigerator and when you have to cut it into circles about half a centimeter thick and place it on your eyelids for 15 minutes. Perhaps you thought of cucumber circles – they are also a good option, but in this case, the vast amount of unrefined starch contained in potatoes is like a rescue belt for tired eyes.

Lauren Conrad’s second council is aimed at the ladies who are inclined to form dark circles under the eyes. What Conrad recommends is to use the tea bags as compresses every morning for about 20 minutes. Tannin from the tea helps to reduce dark circles and refreshes the eyes.

To provide a fresh awakening to her face, the Christie Tayen model says she keeps her day cream in the refrigerator. This is a good solution for ladies who do not have time in the morning for very long procedures, such as tea compresses. Quickly hide the cream box in the fridge – your face will thank you later.

For the final, we gave Kate Winslet’s beauty advice, which is not about spreading anything on either the face or the hair, but it helps both. Actually the whole body! Winslet advises us to pay special attention to our bedroom. The temperature at which we are sleeping should not be too high because it leaves too much the body first and will lead to a difficult awakening, and secondly – no less important, the heat stimulates the puffiness. The air in the room is also very important; if it is too dry, it will inevitably affect the skin. What Kate Winslet recommends is to put an air humidifier at least in the bedroom, and desirable in the living room. And last but not least – to ventilate the premises often.


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