Metabolism and overweight

Metabolism and overweight are closely related – this is the understanding of most people today. Slow metabolism is identified as a major cause of obesity.

This is not always the case because weight-gaining affects the number of calories that are taken daily, and they are always much more than those that are consumed. What does our body do with excess calories? Fat them in the form of fat. Weight depends on caloric balance more than metabolism. What is actually behind the concept of metabolism?

If it has to be defined in any way, metabolism is the sum of the biochemical reactions taking place in the body. They are responsible for whether the energy taken as calories through the food will be stored or released. Therefore, in the consciousness of people, the idea is that metabolism determines the weight, as the slow is a prerequisite for overweight.

In fact, slow or rapid metabolism means the speed of metabolic processes. And the rate of metabolism is the time for which the body burns calories.

The level of metabolism depends on various factors – genes, health, lifestyle, and so on.

The question arises, can a person influence the metabolic processes? That is quite possible. There are many factors that can be completely deliberately regulated by the will of man. They change the rate at which the body burns the calories consumed with food and can avoid fat accumulation on the body. Here are the main ones:

The way of eating

The diet is very important. Extreme diets are inappropriate because the quick effect goes away instantly. The diet should be individually tailored and tailored to personal needs. The intake of calories is determined by the individual characteristics of man and his way of life. Foods rich in protein should be taken at each meal to avoid being lost from muscle mass. The remaining amount of calories needed is divided between carbohydrates and beneficial fats.

Muscle training exercises

One of the major causes of slow metabolism is most fat instead of muscle. Power training is what will help to lose less muscle mass after limiting calorie intake.

Active lifestyle

Every movement burns calories, and the dead lives fat. Therefore, an active lifestyle is so important. Whenever the choice is a movement, the metabolism leaves no choice but to follow the active rhythm of the body.