Prevent Hair Loss – Just Add These Two Ingredients To Your Shampoo!

A large proportion of males and females are experiencing hair loss nowadays. We can say that affecting nearly one-third of the population is an unpleasant problem with which many of us are struggling. Studies show that around 100 hair stands a day are lost.

Regeneration is a process that is simultaneous, so we don’t have to worry about these stands that we lose. But with all of us, this is not the case. Those who experience rapid hair loss and fear that they will lose their hair far too early may need to pay attention to some of the following tips.

Various factors, according to experts, result in hair loss such as menopause, weight loss, stress, pregnancy, etc. Other factors can also speed up the hair loss process, such as hormonal imbalance. There are many expensive hair products that may help prevent this issue from appearing, but they don’t always deliver the best results.


For our well-being, vitamins are essential and also provide strong hair stands. Vitamin E enhances your scalp’s circulation and helps make hair follicles productive. The skin glands produce sebum with the help of vitamin A that moisturizes the scalp and keeps the hair healthy. On the other hand, vitamin B helps hair preserve its natural color. Fortunately, you can try to use some home-made remedies that might help you get rid of the problems.

The question is: How can you make your own shampoo to avoid hair loss?

The first step is to find a neutral pH shampoo like a baby shampoo that will serve as a base ingredient. Add rosemary oil as it strengthens your hair and increases blood flow to the scalp. Then add 2 vitamin E capsules that can be found in any local health store.


In the neutral pH shampoo, add 10 drops of essential lemon oil and 10 drops of rosemary oil. Then add 2 vitamin E capsules and shake until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.


Using this shampoo every other day is recommended. Apply it to the hair and massage gently for a few minutes. Let it sit with warm water for 20 minutes after it has been rinsed off. The results will speak for themselves as your hair begins to grow in just a few weeks.

You may be aware of these facts about our hair and naturally avoid hair loss:

A proper diet rich with proteins.

Hair growth is ensured by the proteins found in fish, soy, lean meats, spinach, eggs, sweet potatoes and many other sources.

Keep your body hydrated.

Making sure you get plenty of water during the day is a must because it also requires water income just like any other part of the hair. Four to eight cups a day are sufficient to promote healthy hair growth.

Avoid brushing hair while it’s wet.

Brushing your hair while it’s wet increases hair loss chances because when it’s wet, your hair is at its weakest. As an alternative method, if there are any, you can use running your fingers with your fingers and untangle knots through your hair. If you’ve got to use a comb to buy a wide-toothed one. Too often, brushing your hair can also cause damage and accelerate hair loss.

Massage with essential oils.

This helps the hair follicles stay active and is highly recommended for those who have experienced long periods of regular hair loss. Take a few minutes a day and massage your scalp with oils like lavender or rosemary to boost hair growth.

Reduce stress.

Studies have shown that stress is associated with hair loss in a way that loosens. Meditation has been found to be the perfect way to relax your body and mind, help your hormonal balance and minimize stress. Many enjoy walking or running in the park as well. Just find a way to get rid of all the unnecessary negativity that suits your needs.

Other helpful tips on keeping your hair healthy.

  • Avoid rubbing your hair with a towel.
  • Try to dry your hair naturally, it is the best possible way to do it.
  • Make sure to be gentle with your hair and don’t overuse the shampoo.
  • Wear a hat at extreme temperatures during the summer.
  • Flat irons, curling irons, and dryers make your hair dry and fragile, so you shouldn’t use them on the regular.