Protein diet

Protein diet with an example menu.

Duration of the diet: 2 weeks. Expected result: minus 3-8 kg

People who resort to a weight loss diet probably know how painful fasting is. In addition to painful, starvation is extremely harmful to the whole body, but also virtually to no avail, because after the end of the diet, the lost weight is immediately resumed. If the diet is prolonged, then the body begins to save energy, and with weight loss, it becomes more challenging to adhere to the regime because we do not feel any energy. If you do not want to go through starvation but lose weight, then a proper protein diet is right for you.

The main component of a protein diet is, as you can guess from the name – high protein foods. Some fruits and vegetables are allowed, but there should be almost no carbohydrates and fats in the diet. Without the influx of carbohydrates from the outside, the body begins to use its own reserves. The body starts to use only the protein that we have taken, and so the body goes into the process of losing weight and pounds. It is advisable to take quality tea to help the body.

Pros of a protein diet

An absolute plus of a protein diet is its effectiveness. With a large amount of protein on the menu, within a few weeks, up to 8 kg can be lost. Another positive thing about this diet is that it is starving. As we often say to people who ask us about the individual Fitness program at home – “if you want to lose weight, focus on protein, not a small amount of food.”

Protein gives enough energy to the body, which receives the right amount, so you don’t feel tired, lazy, and hungry. Another plus of the protein diet is the ability to diversify the menu. Thus, dieting is quite easy.

There are stricter types of protein diets: only skim milk, cheese, and some meats. This protein diet we offer is not as rigorous because it includes a variety of protein-rich foods.

“The composition of the fish includes proteins (23%) with a high content of essential amino acid – methionine … For Weight Loss, We advise you to use” light “fish such as pike, perch, cod, salmon, saffron. Don’t be afraid to add spices like basil, garlic, pepper, coriander, onion, fresh herbs. ”- Says nutritionist and gastroenterologist, Dr. Michael Gurvich. Similar is the opinion of Pierre Ducan in his diet, which can also be considered as protein.
Cons of a protein diet

Of course, there are drawbacks. A diet that has virtually no carbohydrates and fats cannot be called balanced. Lack of the necessary components of the nutrients the body needs every day leads to dry hair, dry skin, unhealthy complexion – all this can be obtained from the protein diet. Insomnia may occur.

Tablet vitamins cannot solve the problem because the body absorbs fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K in the presence of fat.

Protein foods do not contain much water, so it is important to drink plenty during the diet. And it will help to lose weight because it will speed up metabolism.

Also, the protein diet loads the kidneys, so you should drink water for that. Drink at least 1.5 liters a day.

This diet is contraindicated for:

Protein diet is contraindicated in people with kidney disease, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and cardiovascular system. Older people should also be wary of such experiments on his body. If you are still ready to start this diet, remember that a protein diet is recommended no more than one time per year, and the duration should not exceed two weeks.

Sample menu for the week – protein diet:
day 1

Breakfast: 250 ml. tea without sugar + 100 g of skimmed cottage cheese.

Lunch: 150 g of stewed or fat-free fish of choice + salad of 2 tomatoes, seasoned with 1 tbsp. Olive oil.

Snack: 1 pc. apple or 1 pc. Orange.

Dinner: 200 g veal with onions cooked on the oven + cooked cauliflower for garnish.

day 2

Breakfast: 1 boiled egg + 250 ml. tea without sugar.

Lunch: 250 gr. Fresh vegetable salad with 1 tbsp. Olive oil + 150 g grilled fish optional.

Snack: 100 g of cottage cheese

Dinner: 200 grams of beef, optional + 100 grams of cabbage salad with 1 tbsp. olive oil.

day 3

Breakfast: 250 ml. low-fat milk.

Lunch: 250 g chicken soup + two slices whole grain bread + 100 g vegetable salad + slice of cheese.

Snack: 1 pc. apple.

Dinner: 200 g grilled chicken fillet + garnished with carrots.

day 4

Breakfast: Tea without sugar + 2 pcs. boiled eggs (this day tea is drunk before eggs).

Lunch: 200 g fish + 150 g lettuce.

Snack: 100 g of cottage cheese

Dinner: 200 g grilled meat + 150 g seasonal vegetable salad.

day 5

250 gr. fruit salad.

Lunch: 200 gr grilled chicken fillet + 150 gr grilled zucchini

Snack: 1 pc. apple.

Dinner: 2 boiled eggs + 200 grams of cabbage salad.

day 6

Breakfast: 200 g yogurt.

Lunch: 150 grams of grilled meat + 200 gr. Salad of your choice.

Snack: 200 g yogurt.

Dinner: 2 pcs. boiled eggs + 250 ml. tea before bedtime

day 7

Breakfast: 250 g oatmeal with low fat milk.

Lunch: 200 gr. Grilled fish + 100 gr. Carrots, seasoned with butter.

Snack: 200 g yogurt.

Dinner: 350 g salad.