6 Simple Ways To Remove Cellulite Naturally And Keep Your Skin Soft And Smooth!

In the appearance of unsightly cellulite, aging, hormones, and weight changes can all play a role. Cellulite is more common in women than men because the fibrous bands of their connective tissue don’t cross over as much to provide support under the skin. Fat then bulges out from this connective tissue – which is why you can be slim and still have cellulite.

While you can’t control whether you’re getting cellulite, you have some very simple methods to fix your cellulite quickly.

A Healthy Diet

Maybe the most important part of getting rid of cellulite. Losing weight alone, does not mean you’ll get rid of your cellulite. Your diet should include fat-burning fruits such as grapefruit, a protein which you can find in egg and lean cuts of meat, fatty acids that can be found in fish and olive oil and lecithin as well (found in eggs, soybeans and tomatoes).

Drink Plenty Of Water

Out of all of the home remedies for cellulite removal, this one may be the easiest: Drink more water. You should aim for 1.5-2 l. per day without other drinks such as coffee or tea. Water helps improve circulation and decrease inflammation, both of which can help with the appearance of cellulite.

Cardio Training

Cardio is the way to go for removing cellulite from your body. You can try anything from walking, running, aerobics, rope jumping or sit-ups – there are countless options to pick from.


A nice self-massage or going to a professional can help remove the cellulite from your thighs. Aim for a massage with cups, special brushes or the famous Coffee Scrub.

Contrast Showers

The so-called contrast showers can boost your metabolism and circulation as the water pressure gets the lymph in your body moving. The liquid will then clean all the subcutaneous layers of skin and help reduce the appearance of cellulite. To try a contrast shower, direct the jet of water to the affected area, then massage with your fingers.

Cellulite Foam Roller

Use a foam roller to do these four exercises over a period of time:

  • roll on back of thigh
  • roll on front of thigh
  • roll with legs in a figure 4 position
  • inverted tush roll

With these four exercises, spending only 10 – 15 minutes a day will reduce the appearance of cellulite, because the roller helps break down the dense deposits below your skin.