5 Best Essential Oils To Tighten Skin!

The body of a woman is an amazing creation, and it is an ongoing process to keep it healthy and happy. As we age, changes are normal, even those we don’t welcome. One of these changes may be loose or saggy skin around the face, neck, and chest. There are a few ways in which skin can be tightened and help prevent future sagging.

Common Causes Of Loose Skin

In the body, collagen and elastin are proteins that keep the skin smooth and free from wrinkles – the hallmarks of healthy, youthful-looking skin. Unfortunately, things like aging, sun damage, and exposure to toxins in the air break down these proteins over time. We notice more wrinkles, frown lines, and sagging skin as these proteins weaken.

1. Aging

With aging, we’re losing some of the important proteins in our body. The connective tissue that is supporting our organs, cartilage and bones also becomes significantly weaker. And since this supportive network weakens, the skin around these tissues also weakens. Aging also affects the body’s fat distribution. What was once distributed in the body relatively evenly can begin to clump, and the rest is done by gravity.

2. Sun Damage

There’s a reason everybody from your dermatologist to your best friend reminds you every day to wear SPF. Your skin ages prematurely and zaps collagen by direct exposure to the sun.

3. Pregnancy & Weight Loss

Rapid weight loss – for example after a pregnancy or simply because you have committed yourself to an exercise and nutrition plan – can also create loose skin. As you lose fat, your skin may not have the elasticity to tighten accordingly, especially if you do so quickly.

Essential Oils For Sagging Skin

Essential oils ca be powerhouse remedies. These liquid wonders can do everything, from helping your hair shine to remove stretch marks. They can also tighten your loose skin throughout your body when used properly.

1. Frankincense oil

Among all, it is the most valuable oil. It protects the skin cells and promotes the growth of new cells. This oil increases the elasticity of the skin and is great to use to tighten the skin around the eye area.

Frankincense oil’s molecular structure is very small to penetrate the skin, thus regenerating the cells and replacing the old dead cells with the new ones. It also keeps the skin oxygenated and the more oxygenated, the more elastic it becomes.

To take advantage of this oil, first exfoliate the skin to open the pores with a hot towel. Mix the oil with any of your favorite carrier oils, like olive oil. Now, before going to bed, gently dab the mixture on your face. Make sure you don’t dilute the oil.

2. Myrrh oil

Myrrh oil is one of the most sought after essential oils for skin. The essential oil of myrh is used to oxygenate the tissues of the body that further help to soothe the skin. It also treats chapped skin, cracked skin and wrinkles, thus enhancing skin flexibility by giving you a glowing skin tone.

Mix 1 tablespoon of Argan oil, 4 drops ​of Frankincense oil and ​5 drops of Myrhh oil. Apply this mix to the affected area and massage for a few minutes.

3. Patchouli oil

Massage this oil on your skin to help prevent wrinkles and cellulite after diluting it with a light carrier oil. Cellulite is a condition in which the skin is subjected to fat deposits. This condition appears predominantly after pregnancy or when you lose noticeable body weight. Patchouli oil is also anti inflammatory, it can effectively reduce pores and tighten the skin.

4. Lavender oil

Lavender oil helps balance sebum production because of its antibacterial properties, thus reducing scarring. An organic Lavender oil of therapeutic grade treats chapped skin and prevents further drying. Lavender oil tones and rejuvenates the skin. It also helps to prevent stretch marks in any part of the body.

Simply mix 1 teaspoon of Rosehip Seed oil and 3 drops of Lavender, and apply it to the affected area.

5. Geranium oil

By boosting elastin fibers, geranium oil helps repair collagen and improve skin elasticity. For stretch mark treatment, it is one of the most effective essential oils. It nourishes the skin and enhances elasticity by tightening the skin, resulting in reduced wrinkle appearance.




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